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Friday, September 18, 2009

Future Podcast on Jury Behavior and Jury Trials

I am in discussions with a major legal podcast producer to host a regular podcast on juries and jury trials. I would review the latest developments in jury research, discuss possible reforms to the jury system, and highlight the interesting implications of ongoing and recent jury trials. I would try to have at least one guest on each show and listener input will be very important.

Before I undertake this endeavor, I want to get a sense of how podcasts are used by litigators and others in the legal profession. To this end, I have posted a poll about podcast listening habits on LinkedIn. I would very much appreciate it if anyone reading this post would click the link and complete the quick poll (LinkedIn membership is NOT required). You can view the results so far after registering your response.

LinkedIn Podcast Poll (<-- Click me!)

Of course, if you have suggestions about the format of such a podcast, I am all ears. Feel free to email me, or leave a comment below, to tell me what you think makes for a compelling podcast. What makes you yawn? What makes you just shut the damn thing off? (We don't want that!) If there is a particular podcast that you really like, let me know so I can check it out.



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