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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Podcasts killed the radio star" -- what to do about googling jurors.

OK. If anything, podcasts are creating radio stars. Take me, for instance. I was a guest on the latest podcast of "Lawyer2Lawyer," produced by the Legal Talk Network. Along with attorneys Peter Raben and Sean Ellsworth, both of Miami, FL, we were interviewed about the recent spate of mistrials brought on by jurors who conducted unauthorized online research. Peter and Sean were the defense attorneys in the federal drug trial whose mistrial inspired John Schwartz's New York Times article a few weeks ago. When the judge interviewed the jurors to find out how one juror's google search had infected their deliberations, he discovered that eight other jurors had been looking up items related to the case online.

It was fascinating to hear Peter and Sean discuss the various pieces of information the jurors had dug up online. They were quite industrious! In addition to reviewing what happened in their case, we discussed what should be done in the future to reduce the incidence of this kind of behavior by jurors.

You can listen to the mp3 version of the podcast directly by clicking here.

You can go to the Legal Talk Network download site for the podcast by clicking here.

Please leave me comments and let me know what you think of the show. Thanks!

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